Over three years ago, I was overworked and underpaid, burnt out and anxious, lost and out of touch with my soul. I realized that despite of everything I learned, having a job that pays the bills while spending up to 60 hours weekly in an office made no sense at all to me.

I wanted more from life than a stressful commute to a job I didn’t like that I needed to maintain the rent for the flat I barely ever spent time in – thanks to the time-consuming job that only granted me 25 free days a year.

To tell you my story in a nutshell; I quit my job, invested all my savings into a Yoga teacher training, and started to build a business around what fires me up.

This is my mission: I help women to find their mission, carve out the vision of what they want their life to look like, and then, we start building that baby.

If you are done living between fear, anxiety and numbing both of these, this program is for you.

This life doesn’t have to be a drag

If you are ready to get OUT of the state of anxiety and INTO your your authentic vibe, your natural genius, and your innermost balance, and live a life full of play and work that feels like play, this program is for you.

I created a life for myself where I don’t have to fear opening up the mail, where Sunday nights have no bittersweet taste to it and Mondays are for sleeping in. I want to help you to make the same thing happen for you.

I will help you to:

  • find your mission in life, so that you can thrive with fulfillment in your day-today life
  • build a solid framework of replicable steps to grow your audience, so that operating your own business becomes simple as breathing
  • create a social media & content strategy that fits your desired lifestyle, so that you can work with ease at your own pace
  • build a strong & cohesive personal brand for your business, so your people recognize you everywhere
  • find your authentic voice, so that you can reach your audience & sell your products
  • move past limiting beliefs & mindset blockages, so that you can grow free from old attchments

After 3 years of working in visual marketing, and having sold pretty much everything you could think of, I know my way around sales, branding and positioning. The thing is, I don’t want you to build another dollar-mill in which you will hustle until you drop dead on the couch to bingewatch netflix.

I want you to have the exact business that serves YOUR desired way of life and lets you enjoy doing what you love while you have all the freedom you want (did anyone say spontaneous roadtrip?!).

That’s whyyou decide at what pace we move forwards in the building in your business – I’m offering you my entire toolkit of nutrition, ayurvedic, TCM and yogic knowledge from the very start – So that we can be sure your goddess body is well rested and nourished for all the magic we are going to create.

This program is for you if you:

  • feel unfulfilled in your day-to day life
  • crave more meaning than simply chasing the dollars
  • want to become more independent
  • feel stuck in your job / business
  • are ready to step into your soul-mission
  • are ready to fully embody who you are
  • are ready to release everything that keeps holding you back

I know what’s probably going through your head right now –

„Aren’t there more important things right now than to focus on than my personal development? Am I even capable of being my own boss? So many people told me I’m not _______ enough.“

And my answer to you is, HELL no.

Every person has a unique gift and a unique mission in this world. You came with a set of skills that makes you the perfect person to serve the needs of others. Just because you don’t fit in a box doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to live out your dreams and pursue your passions.

Nobody can tell you what you can’t do – that is only for you to decide.

Do you want to live a life that is dictated by the limiting beliefs of others – or do you choose to thrive on your purpose and enjoy your birthright of expressing your self to the fullest?

You decide.

Here’s how you could feel 4 months from now:

  • content about having a clear vision of what really makes you happy in life
  • at ease, for you have a clear & easy to follow roadmap to get where you want to be
  • calm & safe, because you have a business on your own
  • free from the expectations of others about your work – You are the boss of your life

Change can be intimidating, I know that from my own experience. Sometimes, it seems to be a risk to shake the apple cart when your status quo is quite alright.

But let me ask you this right now;

When you were 4 years old, did you hope that one day, you’d have a quite alright job? A quite alright life?

Did you imagine yourself to fall out of your bed early every morning, just so that you could gulp down too much coffee and rush into the car, loose your last nerve in traffic before you even arrive at the office, and leave in full-on zombie mode after 8 hours of staring into a screen – just to drive home through dense traffic again & drop dead on the couch and bingewatch netflix until you fall asleep – and repeat that circle until you get to retire?

Or did you always see yourself making an impact, changing people’s lives, making the world a better place, pursuing your passions and living your life to the fullest?

Here’s what you will have by the end of this program:

  • a clear view on what it is that fills you with joy while making money with it
  • a solid framework of easy-to operate systems for your daily tasks, so you can move forwards with ease
  • a rock-solid mindset & confidence to stay on top of your business
  • your first products all lined up, ready to serve to your tribe
  • a simple, follow-through strategy to grow your audience and lead them to become your clients, so that the money can start pouring in

I know, you haven’t been taught that you are capable of doing anything you want. You have been questioned and criticized, you had to explain yourself and apologize (for silly reasons like taking up space or speaking up), and you have been conditioned to sit like a lady and above all, be cute and quiet.

But you know what, so was I.

The only reason I ever bought into this paradigm was because I was told that „good things come to those who wait“ or „good girls get the sweet life“ – and well, what do I tell you, that didn’t happen.

Nobody is going to give you an Oscar for „best up-shutter“ or „cutest decorative human“ (well, maybe if you’re in the pegant industry).

Nobody is going to serve you the life and freedom you dream of on a silver platter.

However, the good news is, you can build it yourself – let me show you how.

What’s contained in this package:

  • one 90 min. 1:1 initial intensive (video call via Zoom)
  • weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (16 in total)
  • 24/5 Voxer support (messenger & voicemessage)
  • a personal branding palette for your social media (you can choose from at least 3 templates)
  • a personalized Yoga routine (optional)
  • emergency call sessions in case of urgent questions and support

Your Investment

This program brings you incredible value and will leave you transformed into a more powerful and aligned human being.

Your investment paid in full will be 3.000$.

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