How To compete with big companies as a small biz owner

Amazon made more profit in 2020 than it did in the three years before the pandemic, food delivery services grew immensely, the very same year that broke hundreds of small businesses necks.

Now, there are a lot of reasons for this, but the biggest one is plain and simple;

People are lazy – by nature. But even more so now, since all of our lives have been turned upside down. The pandemic puts a whole new level of stress on our systems, inside and out. We have to weigh in & budget our energy even more now than we did before – because we’ve been living with a constant threat for our lives and health for so many months now.

And as you can already guess by now – big companies mastered catering the lazy, the overwhelmed and the energetically depleted.

If you need a new phonecase and you’re all burned out, chances are, you’ll prefer a 1-click buy from a big company that already has all your credit card data over looking up your favorite small business owner and going through the lengths of getting your credit card and putting in all the details into their onlineshop.

So the challenge for the small biz owner is to live up to that – to create a smooth slide that leads your prospective customers from your social media right towards the „buy now“ button.

The goal is to create a customer journey that requires as little effort as possible from your prospective client.

The keyword is Seamless. As you’re designing your sales funnel / customer journey, you want to keep in mind to make it as simple as possible for people to buy your products.

Let’s go over a couple of do’s and dont’s when it comes to leading your followers over the threshhold to becoming your clients.


  • insert unclickable links. Make sure that if you provide a link to the next stage of the funnel, people don’t have to copy/paste it (or even worse, type it out. Especially valid on Instagram. Links don’t work on the platform unless you put them in your bio in the designated space for ‚“website“)
  • expect people to find your offers themselves. They need guidance, directions and CTA’s (call-to-action)
  • Be vague about what you offer in your bio
  • pitch too much or too little (more about that later)
  • have a sloppy landingpage after directing people to your link from social media


  • send people from your social media over to the link to your landingpage every few posts by using CTA’s
  • make sure the ‚link in bio‘ is used wisely. Instagram only provides space for one link, so using a linktree or designing a link-collection page will give you the opportunity to list all of your most important shortcuts behind that link.
  • make sure your landingpage keeps warming up the lead – don’t push the sales too early
  • make sure that if people want to buy, the purchase / booking button is well visible
  • make the booking / purchase as user-friendly as possible. (Implement paypal or other commonly used payment services, use automated booking platforms instead of scheduling sessions via dm)

Once people have made a purchase, you can keep them in the loop by keeping them up to date with your email marketing and offering discounts on their next purchases.

Do you already have a seamless funnel from your social media to your landingpage?

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