4 Keys to set goals for 2021 that will keep your mindset solid, no matter what happens

At this point, you might feel frustrated about the things you achieved in 2020. After all, we keep getting advertisements about „20k months despite corona“, „2020 my best year in business“ and so on.
I’m not saying these stories are invalid or untrue – I very much believe that that’s possible.
But if it didn’t happen for you this year, that’s okay. If 2020 came to teach us one thing, it’s that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans (except for if you made plans to sit at home a lot and start your own plant collection and learn a new language, maybe).

So today, I want you to show up with compassion and pride for your achievements of 2020, even if they differ from the goals you made at the end of 2019.
Maybe you kept showing up despite depression and financial struggles. Maybe you survived corona or had to deal with grief.

Goal setting can be a beautiful and powerful tool, but it need a lot of clarity on how to treat these goals.

If you design your goals as non-negotiables, you are quite likely to end up stressing out and blocking yourself from actually going after them. So, as we are approaching a new year, let’s see how to make sure the goals you set are actually going to be helpful in your business development.

1) Shoot for the moon

Because you know, at least you’ll land in outer space. This does not mean you should set goals that are higher than anything that feels doable. Keep them realistic and maybe a little higher than you normally would have aimed. The „shoot for the moon“ part means that your goal is the vantage point, the direction, the intention. It means that you’ll go & give your best to achieve them with the seriousness of a moon-mission. And if you don’t land exactly where you wanted, instead of feeling like a failure or fraud, assess your room for improvement. You know, for the next mission.

2) Change hats

In order to land on the moon, you need a team. And if you’re without a team, YOU are the team. Start with the CEO hat at first. Assess what your ground forces are going to need for building the rocket, launching it & landing it. Create a timeline and directions, so that you’ll have clear instructions when you are showing up every day as copywriter / brand designer / landing page programmer.

3) Visualize

If you can see it, you can be it. Paint a picture in your head of you doing the work, on all levels. See yourself making the decisions and mapping out your business activities. Paint a picture of you executing those steps. And most importantly – feel the emotions you will feel once you successfully launched the rocket. Take a moment and let the joy of success and fulfillment resonate trough your entire body, as if it was already done. By doing this, you wire your brain to follow the exact path that will lead you to the desired outcome.

4) Getting back up is more important than never falling on your face

If you’ve been here to see 2020 play out, you probably learned that some events can shake you up in a way that makes it hard to show up as you used to or planned to. Instead of letting your inner critic run wild for being a human being, make a habit out of dusting the dirt off your knees and getting back in the saddle. It’s not failure to start again. It’s only failure if you stop trying.

Did your 2020 go as planned? What plans had to be changed?
And how did you navigate the changes?
Leave a comment and name 3 Goals you intend to realize in 2021 with the steps above!

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