Content 101: Make it stand out

Getting visible is the first and foremost thing you want to do whenever you’re starting a business- no matter if it’s online or offline.

In this article, I’ll let you in on how to overcome the most pressing hurdles that show up when you’re working to get visible – so that yoiu can lay the groundwork to making your sales.

We all have one greatest asset that helps us stand out with our content, even when we’re just starting out with building an audience.

For some people that is amazing copywriting skills, others have an easy time to start conversations, some have crazy organizational skills.
For me, it was design. I worked in POS marketing for three years, was raised by a designer and always had a talent to create corporate identities before i went into the corporate world and sold almost everything.

If there is one thing I learned about selling your products, it is that people need to see them first. You need to open your showcase.

And when you don’t have a physical shop window, that means you’ll need to show up on your ideal client’s social media feeds.

Visibility is the groundwork of your sales funnel.

People will not buy anything from you if they don’t know you. So your content is the best way to make sure your ideal client gets to know what you stand for and how you solve their problems for them.

Anyways it’s crazy common in the online space to feel overlooked, especially when you  are still in the beginning phase of building an audience.

This is why today, we’re diving into the very first touchpoint your audience has with your content- your visuals a.k.a. pictures & graphics.

Even before people look at your catching headline, there’s the primary visual impression that decides whether they will take a second look or keep on scrolling.
Your visual content is the thing that opens the door for you.

In the following, I’ll introduce you to the basic principles to consider while preparing your visual content – to make sure that your IC gets invested, starts following and keeps coming back for more.

Here’s the 4 things you want your visual content to be:

  1. Appealing

Basic and simple: humans are visual creatures and we get more invested into things that please the eye. Depending on the platform and purpose of your choice, different principles apply, but as a general rule of thumb you want your pictures to be well-lit, bright, high quality (avoid grainy front camera selfies), and looking your best when the picture shows you. of course, getting real & vulnerable is a thing too and can make you more relatable, but you don’t want to make it the norm to shoot your content pictures with messy hair after just having woken up.

2. Interesting

Of course, it’s hard to impossible to create something that will get everyone excited. However, once you get clear on your niche, it becomes easier to make your content interesting to the group of people you want to interact with your content. For example, if you’re a relationship coach, using romantic imagery and catchphrases will get your audience more invested. If you’re a funnel strategist, an infographic will trigger your ideal client.

3. Specific

Specific means, get to know your social media platform. On facebook, you want to use as little text as possible on your images. On instagram, selfies and portraits perform best, while on Pinterest, pictures that do NOT include a face perform best. Knowing your platform   and what works best on it will help you enormously gaining the traction that leads you to making sales.

4. Consistent

Consistency is talked about up & down in the coaching industry, and there’s a good reason for it. You’re going to want to post regularly, but you also want your audience be able to recognize your posts when they pop up on their timeline. To make sure you don’t confuse your IC with ever-changing designs, make sure to prepare a branding cheat-sheet where you can look up the brand colors, fonts and filters you use and keep using the same layout and design throughout all your posts. This way, you will stand out to your IC and they will get used to reading from you on a regular basis – which is one important tier of the know-like-trust basis.

So, to sum it up;

You want your visual content on social media to be pleasant to look at, well-targeted to your IC’s interests, tailored to the platform you’re posting it on and have a cohesive style to it.

If you feel overwhelmed with getting your branded content visuals in place, check out my DIY-workbook bundle that helps you to get on-brand within 3 days here.

Drop any questions about the topic below and let me know what you would like to learn more about!

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