How to master your Visuals on social media like a boss

As you start your business and start showing up on social media, so many questions arise and can make you feel quite insecure.

One of the biggest question marks for new online entrepreneurs is the visual content – the pictures you use on your blogposts, Instagram feed, facebook page and so on.

There’s a LOT to say about pictures on the different platforms; I’m gonna give you a very general outline of important things to consider.

As you go through these keep in mind that especially in the beginning, showing up at all is way more vital than showing up perfectly.
Allow yourself some space to grow. It’s ok for people to witness your evolution.
Don’t get stuck in the perfectionist trap.

1) Stockphotos

Yes, if you’re running low on good shots of yourself, you CAN use stockphotos, however, here are a few things to conside

  • most people in the industry know the common platforms and even the most frequent used stockphotos. Overusing them can make you look generic and like a rookie. Use them sparingly & choose mindfully.
  • pictures that show faces are 38% more likely to gain traction (likes, comments, follows) than ones that show no faces
  • your pictures are the best way to get your audience trained to link your face to the amazing value you have to provide in your posts. You don’t wanna miss out too much on that

2) Your own shots

  • use high-quality pictures. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment for this. Just make sure you have good lighting and use the back camera of your phone, and take about 5 minutes to adjust the picture before using it.
  • Show up ready for business. I’m all FOR messy buns, glasses, authenticity and vulnerability.
    However, if you only ever show up to your audience in your PJ’s & greasy hair, that sends a message of self-neglect, sloppyness and will have an impact on your sales. Observe your own behavior on social media – you’re probably more drawn to content that shows people on top of their game yourself.

3) Vary your visuals

People like balance, and are more likely to follow accounts that provide entertainment, value, are relatable and have a clear mission statement – while feeds that only show one kind of content (sales offers, selfies, inspirational quotes) tend to get stuck with a rather small following.

Take a moment and create a strategy that avoids a monotonous representation of what you do.

4) Talking of varying your visuals – there’s a LOT of power in educational content that delivers a valuable lesson to your audience in a fun & aesthetic way. You can create diagrams, charts, and whatever your creativity might bring. I like to work with Canva.

So that’s all I have to teach you about showing up with visual content on social media for today.

Have any questions around the topic?
Drop them below!!

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