Ways to start your new business

I remember the year I decided to create my own little company.

I really didn’t know much about how it’s done, or what exactly I wanted to do, all I knew was; there’s something there for me.

I keep hearing the very same from most new entrepreneurs I work with – they want their own thing, but they don’t know how & what, and thus, they keep getting tons of disempowering feedback from people around them and get so frustrated that they ultimately give up.

Now, let me shine a little light here, Most people feel like this in the beginning, and it’s a natural process on your way to start your business.

So, just to make sure you get some input and perspective on what is actually possible, I listed 4 different approaches to get started in your business.

(Because there’s so much more possible than you think!)

  1. The Intuitive

The intuitive new entrepreneur is all in flow – she feels called to walk a certain way, to listen to a certain song, and to do a certain thing – no matter how weird it may seem to outsiders. The good thing about this approach is, you already exactly know what it is that you want to do and your purpose is already in full alignment – now all you need to do is finding the people who need exactly that and sell it to them – because no matter how aligned your services are, you gotta sell ‚em to live from your business. This means, get visible on social media, gather tribe, talk to them & find out what they would buy.

2. The Strategist

The strategist is gathering all the information. She hoards Pinterest pins, reads all the blogpost and takes notes about all things marketing, strategy, funnels, ads, and so on. The good thing is, you will have gathered a ton of knowledge about the how’s of your new business – the bad news is, you can very easily get stuck here, in the desert of preparation, where nothing is ever enough. Try to do one thing you don’t feel ready for each day. It’s okay to evolve on the go.

3. The Perfectionist

The perfectionist is one step deeper into the stagnation zone – because they already gathered all the info, did all the journaling, researched all the niches, and sketched out all areas of their new website. I would love to point out a positive thing here, but darling, if you are finding yourself amongst these lines, you gotta learn to let go. Perfectionism won’t get you anywhere, because nothing is ever ready. You will always end up looking for the better thing. Try to drop those sky-high expectations towards yourself & your business and open up to showing up as a work in progress. Start showing up and actually implementing all the things you already know.

  1. The lucky star

The lucky star didn’t know what she was doing, but all of the sudden, she had 10.000 followers and patreons and people asking her to sell stuff. If that’s you, congratulations! You already have a following and thus, tons of potential clients. If you want to grow a business from here, you can start by giving out freebies, so that people get used to ‚purchasing‘ things from you (in return for their e-mail address). It’s a great place to start. If you can, invest in someone who will help you to make a smooth transition from influencer to service provider, so that your followers won’t feel repelled once you start selling things.

The one thing that can be said about all of these 4 types of new entrepreneurs, is that you will profit gigantically from taking small, calculated risks, one at a time – because success comes from trial and error.

Even if I gave you my exact formula that helped me succeed, it’s not a given that it will work out for you – because we are all SO different – If you’re a Fire type, the perfect strategy for a Water woman will burn you out, if you’re a water type, the schedule of a fire type will definitely get you stuck.

Sounds weird?

It’s absolutely legit. Learn more here in my Blogpost about the Doshas – Your Ayurvedic type (disclaimer; learning about your Dosha WILL change your entire life)

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