How to structure your CEO tasks like a Boss – and ditch the overwhelm

If you have been struggling with showing up as regularly and consistent as you promised yourself you would, keep on reading, woman.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only showing up to your business when you feel inspired, aligned and on top of your game.

I know, the results of getting work done are way sexier when you are in the zone.

But the truth is, if you only show up when you feel like it, people won’t build the trust and familiarity you want them to have – because that’s when people buy from you.

If there is one thing that will get ou results in the long run, no matter if it’s about yor business, losing weight or selling out your grandma’s crotchet designs; It’s showing up and doing the work, every. Single. Day.

The problem for most new entrepreneurs however is, that exactly this presents itself as a challenge.

I get it, because I operated my business from all the different places; working full-time in an office, working part-time, and being fully self-employed.

So, today we’ll be talking about the magic ingredients you need to create a simple, but powerful routine to show up to your dreams, so that you start seeing results in the long run.

Sounds good?

Let’s get going, then.

  • The first big hurdle I used to face when I started out after a long day in the office were my energy levels. Honestly, after 8 hours of sitting on a desk & drying up my creativity, I didn’t feel like getting on my desk and focus. I was out of it.
  • Another hurdle new entrepreneurs face is not finding the time needed to do all the things (the think they need to do).
  • Another one is that they are feeling unsupported by their partner or family, who don’t see their vision and can’t tolerate them using their free time for their own dreams.

So, How do we solve all these problems in one go?

I got you.

Here are the 5 things that will help you to build a simple & effective routine that won’t stress you out as you go:

  1. Create a goal

This means that you know what you want, and I want you to get really specific here. When you know exactly where you want to be, you know exactly what needs to be done to get there. Start by asking yourself questions about –

  • What do I want to sell?
  • To whom?
  • Where?
  • And how much?

2. Create a Plan to get to yor goal

Find out what needs to be done to get there. Write down all the steps, so that you know what jobs you have to tend to on a monthly, daily and weekly basis.

Need an example? Let’s say you want to start selling your 1:1 program by 4 months from now. How are you going to market it and to whom? How do you make sure the right people see your offers? Choose 1-2 places to broadcast your brand message and program on and commit to stick with your choice for at least 3 months.

3. Break down your plan

Now we’re getting really practical. Take a look at how much time you have on your hands to show up for your business on a weekly basis- and on a daily basis. THIS is your timeframe, and you get to tailor your tasks to fit your life.


If you have a full plate of 8 hours of work each day & taking care of children after work, you might want to have your content batched & prepared and post away before you head out, and take 15 minutes after work to reply to any interactions. Take time once a week to prepare your content for the coming week – don’t be too hard on yourself here. You don’t need a Youtube video, 3 blogposts and 20 social media posts every week. YOU decide if you post once or twice daily, how many platforms you show up to and how long your posts will be.

4. Build HABITS

This might be the hardest part of it all. The human brain needs 21 days until a new way of operating becomes your second nature – you’ll have to stick it out for at least 21 days with discipline.

I like to give myself little nudges by setting reminders & alarms on y phone and letting people around me know at what times I won’t be available to them.

5. Build resilience

The thing about this world, business, and most goals we set is, that it mostly needs more than 3 weeks or months to get there. You might get frustrated along the way because you are not seeing instant results. But never, ever forget that you are inspiring people even if you can’t see them. Allow yourself to learn and improve over time, keep going and showing up, and use the feedback you get (no feedback is also a feedback!)

One big perk of showing up consistently is that you can observe yourself getting better and better at what you do every single week. Celebrate the small wins to keep yourself motivated and give each strategy you try enough time to unfold it’s effect – this means, work it for about 3 weeks before you switch anything up.

There you go – It’s totally possible o build a strong foundation for a thriving business and even great sales with very little time, and you get to make it all work out for you.

So let me know, what is your big goal to work towards?

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