The 5-step recipe to finding your Ideal Client

If you are currently wondering who the heck that person is that wants to buy your services like hot buns (german saying, sorry not sorry), you might be finding yourself in overwhelm, frustration, or at least a good portion of can-anyone-please hand-me-a-recipe-please – ness.

So worry no more, this blogpost is here to help you out.

First things first, I need you to understand that finding your ideal client /target audience / soulmate client whatever you wanna call it, is a process and not a step.

The reason for this is, it takes two to find that sweet spot; you & the pool of people who you are getting visible to.

This distinction is crucially important to avoid you from setting your expectations anywhere they won’t serve you. So, disclaimer: Finding your ideal client requires getting into a process of trial & error, no matter how sophisticated your masterplan on the backend might be.

The good news however is, I have a simple step-by step approach that I used for my business that you can use over and over again, and everytime you repeat it, you will get a little more clear & closer to know your ideal client like she’s your BFF from middle school.

So without any further ado; let’s dive into it!

  1. Start radiating out your soul’s message

This means, start writing content that shows the very thing you excel at, the very thing that you burn for, the very thing that you wish everyone knew in order to have a better life / business / body / nutrition. By just showing up as who you are with what you got, you reach the people who are interested in what you talk about & who appreciate the way in which you do so.

2. Monitor which posts get the most traction & where

This step helps you in two ways:

  1. You’ll learn pretty fast what kind of content gets you the most reaction on the platforms you show up
  2. You’ll soon learn for example if your Instagram audience reacts to something else than your Pinterest audience – this is important because it helps you learn what people expect to see & are able to digest on different platforms, so that you can capture their attention and lead them into your funnels.

3. Talk to your people!

Plain and simple – make sure that you get on the phone or a scheduled chat with the people you think could be your ideal client.

If you don’t book any clients yet, no problem. Create an offer where you exchange a service for some market research and ask them all about their struggles & needs, so that you know their biggest painpoints, the language they use and what they really need most.

4. Back to the drawing board

Now it’s time to bridge the gap, if there is one, between the message and information that comes through you effortlessly and what the people you want to work with need.

You can either craft something that blends those two together perfectly or decide to start broadcasting your content somewhere else (by changing hashtags, fb groups etc.), if you’ve been reaching the wrong crowd.

5. Lather, rinse & repeat.

From here, make sure you let enough time pass to gather enough data about the reaction of your audience to your content and offers before you repeat this process.

I highly recommend to keep a journal or a virtual note about the insights you got over this process, so that you don’t have to start from stage 0 again and again.

And that’s how we do it!

I know that it might feel lengthy, but we are all here for the long run, right?

It might take you weeks, months, or maybe even years to crystalize out that exact group of people who feel like you’re reading their minds when talking about your services – and that’s okay.

The journey is the destination, remember?

You could sit down at your desk for x hours and craft a plan like an evil genius and decide exactly how old, how educated and how wealthy your ideal client is, and direct all your content their way. The problem with that is, you will have spent SO much time getting all those parameters into place without having tested them in the field – and this way, you’ll have left out a major part of the process.

So take a breath, stop the rush, and relax; because you WILL make sales before you feel like everything is perfect and you WILL get closer and closer to that desired crowd of yours every single day.

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See you around love!!


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