5 steps you can take TODAY to start your online Business

The very thing I hear from almost every new client is „how do I get started?“

I then give them a blend of action steps & inner work to get to the point from where they can start to slingshot their business into new heights – but this blogpost is about YOU and what you can do without any investment other than time to get started on building your online business empire.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Pick your platforms

My advice is, pick at maximum 2 platforms to start broadcasting your Ideas and content on. This can be really anything from facebook to linkedin, Pinterest, instagram, youtube…

You want to make sure that the platform you pick is easy for you to operate to avoid having to go through a whole learning curve before you can start sharing your stuff.

2. Pick your official Name

Alright, before you go rushing off into overwhelm-city, this doesn’t have te be the final or perfect business name. The point is to choose something neutral (like your full name) or something that tells your audience something about what they can expect from you (ex. Card_Readings_For_Single_Queens, HealthDetoxSimple, Sarah Schmitt Life Coaching).

What you want to avoid is anything that sounds random or generic like funky_susAn1978. You wouldn’t trust anything named like that to be a professional service provider, would ya?

3. Get Canva

Ok, I gotta tell you right from the top, even though those guys don’t pay me, I’m a raving fan of their software.

Canva is a simple, online platform that allows you to design very professional-looking visuals for your business / brand all by yourself. It’s pretty self-explanatory and fun.

Go dabble around with it and start creating some visuals – you can create content and headers for all the places on the internet here.

4. Design a Routine

I know I might sound like a broken record here, but


So, to ensure that you show up on a regular basis to your online platforms, decide on how many days of the week you want to post something. The routine will help you to build an audience that trusts you and keeps coming back for your content.

5. Interact

No matter where you chose to broadcast your ideas, messages, offers and inspirations; posting alone won’t do the job.

As soon as you start to comment, like and interact with other people’s posts, you will start building connections and relationships that will bring you collaborations, lessons, or even paying clients one day.

Plus, most platforms have algorithms that monitor your user behavior and will favor those who interact most.

Show your community that you’re a real person and share some love & you’ll get it back!!

These are the 5 things you can start doing today – and always remember -done is better than perfect!!

Allow yourself to be a work in progress and let your audience be a part of your journey – they will love to see you improve & grow over time!

If you need some Inspiration and more tips on the daily routines of an online entrepreneur, come join my private facebook group and follow me on instagram!

Have any questions?

Comment them below or reach out to me on fb or Insta, I’m always up to help a sister out!

Much love,

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