3 Simple Steps to actually set your Mind up for Success

I remember the very beginnings of my business – I wasted hours and hours into work into content creation. It was wasted time because It didn’t get me any results. My message was wobbly; my voice sounded like a parrot who repeated all the things he heard from 20 different people; I was throwing awkward set phrases all around, and nobody was resonating with what I wrote.

It took me a couple of months to learn that your mind can be a great servant, but an incredibly bad master when it comes to building your own business. After I began to work on my mindset every single day, things began to change, I got leads and clients and fans and an audience that loves to hear from me.

I want you to do the same, and so I’m going to give you 3 easy action steps to keep your mindset as high-vibe and driven and flowy as it can be.

Basically, you’ll need:

  • a set time to do your routine EVERY DAY.
  • to find a practice method that works for you
  • get clear on your Intention & repeat

Your mindset work is nothing you can do once or every few weeks and expect it to work. You wouldn’t brush your teeth once a month and expect never having to see the dentist again, would you?

So, in order to have a mindset that gives you confidence and ease in your business, you have to make it a routine. This way, your brain substance will actually alter itself, and the neuropathways of the limiting beliefs will fade away as you build new and strong beliefs.


  1. Find time for your mindset routine

It doesn’t have to be an hour of meditation or anything crazy. But You want to make sure you get to work on you mindset every. single. Day. Maybe you’ll find 10-15 minutes in your schedule in the a.m. or p.m. – or a short period of time both in the morning and at night.

2. Find a method that resonates with you

There really are countless methods you could use, and everyone has their own perfect routine. The important thing is that you feel it having an impact on your state of mind.

Here are some examples of what you could implement into your routine:

  • journal about your mindset
  • lay out tarot cards
  • meditate (using a mantra or affirmations, or just meditate on your breath)
  • have a folder with grids, spreadsheets and lists to keep track of your goals and successes
  • pray
  • have a gratitude journal (I highly recommend this)
  • do some Yoga
  • go for a walk in nature & reflect
  • listen to uplifting podcasts

3. Set your Intention

Identify what the mean voice in the back of your head likes to whisper (or scream) whenever you try something new. Write down what it says, and find out what underlying belief you have going on here. Now, write down the exact opposite of the limiting belief. Make it sound exiting, confident and uplifting. You now know where your mind is at and where you want it to go, and your Intention is set.

Once you went through these steps and practiced your routine for a while, you might want to tweak it every now and then. Our brains are constantly reconstructing themselves, and once you changed one core belief, chances are that the next thing to work through comes to the surface – but don’t worry, you can replicate this process over and over again.

To help you create a powerful mindset routine that will help you transform your limiting beliefs into rocket fuel for your personal and business growth, I created a FREE template, so you can get this into place with ease and save your precious energy for more challenging tasks.

Sound good?

Get it here

How does your Mindset routine look?

Let me know below!!

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