How to make Your Period Work for You


If you are anything like me, you feel your reproductive cycle affecting your biz BIG time.
From hangover-like fatigue over grumpy days, to PMS from hell and days on the couch in agony – I’ve seen it all.

The biggest problem is not your cycle, sister, but you IGNORING it.

For the most women, their initiation into womanhood is as magical as:

„Here’s a tampon, hide it, don’t bother people with talking about it & good Luck“.

Sound familiar?

From that moment on, you go out into the world when really you’d like to curl up in bed and not talk to anyone.
You push yourself to to heavy workouts even when your body loudly shouts at you not to, because you’ve been told to „just push through it“ by someone who never experienced y cycle.

You try to function at maximum capacity all month through, like’s expected from men.
Because having a cycle and honoring it is a taboo.

Now, let’s tap a little into that magic of being a cyclic being.

Here’s a couple of things that will be especially rewarding around certain times of the month;

– Day 1-6:
The beginning of your cycle is a great time to rest & replenish, to reflect & journal, to purge out old patterns and things that no longer serve you – as all your hormone levels are rather low and you are shedding half an organ from your body. A time to honor your energy levels where they are at. It’s okay if you’re not crazy creative, productive or communicative right now. Tune in and listen to your gut, your intuition is usually very high around this time.

– Day 7-13
Your body is preparing for ovulation and fertility, and as your estrogen levels are on the rise, you feel more upbeat, more energy and more drive. This is an amazing time to promote, to reach out, to create content and to make decisions.

– Day 14
Around this Day, your ovulation takes place.
Around Ovulation is a great time to create visual content – as your skin is at it’s clearest, your facial features appear the most symmetric and your confidence is very likely at it’s peak throughout the cycle.

– Day 15-28
Around this time, your estrogen levels are slowly decreasing and your progesterone levels are rising.
You might feel moody and bloated – a great time for some selfceare – get some exercise, cut back on caffeine and sugar and focus on the simple tasks in your business.

And, get ready to rinse & repeat!

Throughout the whole cycle, proper hydration will do miracles for your health.

If you need some help in getting to know your cycle, use a calendar or an app to monitor your symptoms – I like to use Woman Log. (No affiliation).

So there you have it – a guide that helps you to map out your CEO activities throughout the month.

Much love,

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