7 Things to do when Migraine hits you

Are you suffering from migraines?

I do.
And for me, it’s the same case like it is in many women;

It’s deeply interconnected with the hormonal cycle.

Actually, 60% of women get a migraine once a month, especially before their period.
This can have so many reasons – too much estrogen & too little progesterone, vice versa, too little of both, or irregular patterns of both.

So in the long run, the best thing you can do is to balance your hormones (I will be talking more about that this month).

But what can you do the moment it hits you?

The most common migraines are caused by an inflammation in your cranial blood vessels, for most people this happens in the area of the forehead and has one dominant side.

Those attacks can last from 3-72 hours, so you’ll need something to get you through this.

Here are my Tips to get past a period of migraines.

1. Darken your bedroom

Maybe even cover your eyes with something heavy – the pressure can be very soothing.

2. Get a cold washcloth for your forehead

The cold causes the blood vessels to contract a little bit.

3. Make yourself an isotonic drink 

The less hydrated you are, the thicker your blood flows through your veins, and the more friction is created where the vessels are inflamed.Proper hydration can alleviate severe migraines, and sometimes make more common headaches vanish altogether. (Click here for my DIY isotonic alkaline water)

4. Get some fresh air

If possible, lie in a shadowy room with open windows. The fresh breeze will give your body more oxygen and help the whole system to cope better with the situation.

5. take some anti-inflammatory supplements or foods

like curcumin – or let someone make you a golden milk. By giving your body something to fight the Inflammation, you might shorten the durance of the attack.

6. Eat or drink something astringent

This one might differ from person to person. For some, the astringent of coffee helps to alleviate migraines, for others, it can cause more headaches.

If you don’t like coffee, try licorice tea (but be careful when you have naturally high blood pressure).

7. Try some (very light) Yoga

Poses like Childs pose create a little pressure on the forehead, which can be quite soothing.


If you haven’t seen a doctor to rule out other reasons for you pain, please consult your trusted practitioner. If you don’t feel aligned with your doctor, go find one that feels right for you, but don’t skip medical examinations.


There you have it, girl.

Now go & get some rest!!



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