3 Ingredient DIY Alkaline Water

If you’ve been anywhere around the Internet in 2018, you probably saw many people drinking alkaline water – which is available to purchase and sometimes, very pricey.


Why drink alkaline water?

The Idea is, that alkalizing the body reduces inflammation and oxidation – and makes your cells less vulnerable to free radicals – which can cause mutations and cause aging processes.

Alkalizing means, you ingest things that shift your body’s pH from acidic to more alkaline.

High acidity has been linked  to lower immunity and proneness to several illnesses.

There has been research that could be interpreted as validation for the hypothesis of an alkaline diet and some that says the opposite.  Apart from that, the alkaline diet contains lots of fresh foods and vegetables.

As always, it is up to you to find what works best for you.

Anyways, here you have my super-easy recipe to make your own alkaline water – and it’s also isotonic, so take it to Yoga class or the gym as well!


You’ll need:


  • a big glass bottle (because plastic pits nasty xenohormones)
  • a pInch of salt ( preferably fluoride-free, I like pink Himalayan the best)
  • 1-2 lemons or limes


How you do it: 


  1. Make sure your glass bottle is well-rinsed and has no artificial cleanser remains in it. Pour Hot water (from the tap, not cooked!!) into it & leave about 3 fingers from the top empty for the other ingredients.
  2. Press your lemons, use a cone to pour the lemon juice in.
  3. add the salt, close the lid & shake.


I like to drink the water while it’s still hot – and if you’re a Vata person, you might prefer that, too.

When you drink warm beverages, your body can absorb them faster & easier.

I also like to add in some pepper or cinnamon into this when I make the Drink before bedtime- it helps with detoxing processes in your body and gives a nice & warming taste.


So there you have it, a very easy DIY alkaline water recipe.


What are your experiences with alkaline water or nutrition, did you feel a difference after making the switch?


Let me know in the comments!!


Much love,



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