Self Worth and all the Struggles

Are you struggling with low self worth?

Low self worth can show up all the time without us even being aware of it.

When we look at our reflection in the mirror – and start judging and talking down to ourselves.

When we compare ourselves with others – and decide they have it all and we have nothing going for us.

When we don’t stand up for ourself in our jobs – and never get the salary we deserve.

When we procrastinate important tasks that would help us grow – and stay stuck in avoidance.

When we get jealous and harm our relationships – while they could be blooming.

When we deny ourselves things we enjoy or need – and punish ourselves unconsciously.

Do you feel guilty of these? Welcome, sit down, have a cup of tea, we’re talking about this now.


Selfworth and Body Image

So you haven’t been feeling like your body is something you’d like to show on the beach or at the pool. You’ve been avoiding looking at the mirror and Your current status is far from satisfying.

That’s a complex, but easy thing to understand – wether you’re a male or a female, the world has beauty standards. Wait, no, not the world, but societies have. And those societies have corporations and industries. In most of the western world, there’s a huge business around beauty.

From clothes to bodies to hair to faces…

Thousands of people are employed, making money by selling things or services that serve the purpose to enhance your appearance.

Now take a moment and think what would happen to these industries if you just started to love yourself the way you are, today.

You probably wouldn’t care for detox teas, eyeliners, fake lashes, slimming shakes, treadmills or fitness clothes altogether.

You would know that you are worthy and beautiful and you would’t need any external gratification.

You would stop buying all these things, and a lot of people would make less money.

So, they keep the beauty standard out of your reach. You wouldn’t buy a highlighter if you felt like your cheekbones are characteristic enough.

I’m telling you this because first, I want you to understand that you are surrounded by messages from the medial, day in day out, since you were born, that told you you weren’t ___________ enough, so you’d feel the need to purchase an item to solve that problem.

This is called creating needs.

Of course I don’t urge you to drop all the self work you’ve been doing – but I want you to take a long, critical look at the root thought beneath all this.

Because, If the underlying message that gets you into the gym or to order a salad is

“ I’m a fat cow who doesn’t deserve a milkshake or fries because I’m not worthy of love & affection the way I look“ –


you’re not moving forwarts.

From a place of self-hatred, all you can create is punishment dynamics.

And we can only take it for so long being mean to ourselves – at some point, you’ll want to feel like treating yourself with something you deprived yourself from for a while – like fries and milkshakes or soda. Some people can bounce back from a cheat day easily, but many people get sluggish after a while and fall back into old patterns.

So let’s try this from a new angle.

Let’s establish some self-love.

Look in the mirror and thank your body.

Thank your limbs, your organs, your sensory apparatus, all those things that work and do their best everyday.

Create a positive relationship with your body.

When you realize that your body is always doing it’s best and trying to keep you alive, you start wanting to give some of that love back.

You start educating yourself more about that vessel you’re traveling with.

You start replacing the sodas with amazing tea blends.

You start to cut back on heavy toxins.

You move your body when you feel the need to.

You rest it when you feel the need to.

Over time, you get better and better at feeling how your body responds to certain foods and routines – it’s called neuroplasticity. The more you use a certain connection in your brain, the stronger it gets. So by checking in with your digestion after a meal or with your muscles in the morning, you basically teach your brain how to evaluate the information that comes from the gut and the limbs.

And after a while, you’ll be able to feel more subtle changes in your body that cause unease – and you can dissolve them before they manifest into dis-ease.

The amazing thing about this approach is, the weight loss comes naturally.

How do you recognize the difference of instinctual (trained) urges and intuitive (natural) drives when they come up?

Let me know below, and let me know what you struggle with the most right now!

Much Love,






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