One simple Thing to do when you’re overwhelmed

Overwhelm can show up in so many different forms – some people get panic attacks, others get headaches, rashes, nausea, the list is really endless.

No matter what situation caused the overstimulation -it leads to a lot of negative feelings and emotions and can have a lot of unwanted effects on the way you want to be perceived.

So today, I’m showing you a simple method that will reduce anxiety and overwhelm within minutes – so that you can shine your light without disturbance.

When we get overwhelmed, we usually have a fight-or flight-response going on; our skin gets cold, our hand get wet, our digestion stagnates and our breathing becomes very shallow.

That’s a protective mechanism we have thanks to evolution – when we are standing in front of a pack of wolves, we don’t want to be relaxed and digesting our lunch – we want to be ready to pounce or to run.

Unfortunately, this evolutionary masterpiece of neural orchestration happens also when we just think of a pack of wolves.

Or, to use the modern-day-equivalent, our boss or a group of people we have to hold a presentation in front of.

But there’s an easy way to manipulate this mechanism.

We can easily influence the state of our body by altering our breath.

  1. Cross your index and middle finger of your hand.
  2. Press those two crossed fingers between your eyebrows.
  3. use your ring finger to press on your nostril and block the air; fully inhale.
  4. on top of the inhale, use your thumb to block the other nostril.
  5. count to 2.
  6. release your thumb and fully exhale. Keep your thing finger on the other nostril.
  7. inhale fully again.
  8. hold both nostrils for 2 seconds.
  9. release trough your ring finger.
  10. repeat.

So there you have it!

It’s really easy, and doing this for even one minute will decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, lower your cortisol levels and help you to be more grounded and relaxed.

I really hope this helps you when you’re facing your next big challenge.

Let me know below what you do when life gets overwhelming, or in what situation this technique helped you to cope.

Much love,



Here’s the technique in a short video:

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