The three biggest Misconceptions you have on Yoga

Why Yoga is for everyone and how you can benefit from starting a practice

When i’m not teaching or in someone elses class, I meet a lot of people who think Yoga is cool and impressive, but it’s just not for them.

Usually, that’s when I have to take a deep breath and ponder for a minute what I’m gonna aswer to that. Becaue there are people who would love to be a Yogi, but they feel like they just aren’t worthy of the mat or the pants or whatever (spoiler; that’s BS.). And then there’s people who like to have a lot of excuses for not excersising – and it’s not possible to change a mindset like that from the outside. Chill and drink and eat in peace dear, you know where I am if you change your mind.

Let me say this before we dive in here:

there’s practically nobody who won’t profit from starting out a Yoga practice. There’s a myriad of stiles, so that everyone will find one that fits.

Countless studies have proven that a Yoga practice can enhance your mood, can reduce depression and anxiety, prevent lower back pain and injury, help with PTSD and trauma… I could go on for days with this.

Even for people over 70, people with disabilities, people with amputations and (especially) people with autoimmune diseases, Yoga can be a real gamechanger.

If you belong to any of these groups or a group not mentioned here and still feel unsure, contact me here and we’ll have a chat about what you can do!


 1. You gotta be flexible

„I’d love to start doing Yoga, but I’m just not flexible like that!“

This sentence is the one I hear the most – most of the time from men.

Yoga is not about being flexible. Its not for the few gifted, hyperflexible people in the world. Actually, your fexibility gradually increases when you start practicing Yoga. And even if it doesn’t happen as fast or as deep as you wish it would – you still get a great amount of benefits by doing a small and simple routine that looks like you’re just hanging out on your mat like the lazy sloth you are.

It’ll still get you into that sweet spot where you’re so focused on coordination that you forget about all that troubles you and clouds your mind.


2. Yoga is not for men

I get it. Nowadays in the west, we see 5000 chicks in carzy leggings and deep backbends before we see one guy doing Yoga. But behold.  For once, there’s a lot of impressive, super-balanced and strong male Yogis spread all over social media.

Yoga was neither made for explicitly men or women. To this day, we don’t know exactly who started the movement. The oldest hints go back to Patanjali, but he learned it from his momma, and we’re not sure where she got that wisdom from.

Anyways, Yoga is a great way to balance your masculine energy and get crazy toned along the way!

3. Yoga is expensive

I know, i know. Some Yoga classes cost about the same you pay for your monthly Gym membership. It can feel like a magical, rare luxury when you’re from a working-class family and still working on your career, like I used to.

That’s why I started doing free classes on Youtube for about a year before i went to my first public Yoga class. Which was a great headstart – that way, i had aquired a bit of skill and confidence and would’nt get so easily intimidated by the superyogis all aroud me. You can literally find millions of videos to start your practice online. You won’t have anybody to check on your postures, so be mindful of how far you can go with your body – you don’t want to risk any injuries.

In some bigger cities, you might find free public Yoga classes in parks or Yoga gear stores – get into some research!

Every once in a while, treat yourself to a class with a teacher who inspires you. I can’t tell you how good you’ll feel afterwards. It’s amazing!!


So there you go, all obstacles dissolved into thin air, right?

If you still feel hestistant, let me know in the comment section or shoot me a message, I’ll be happy to help!

Please consult with your doctor before you start a home practice, especially if you’re pregnant or if you have health problems.






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