Standing up for yourself

One of the reasons why I became my own boss and started my own business, because each and every employer let me down.

I never felt like work should be something you hold your breath for, and suck your truth in, and do something you hate.

I always believed that what you do day in, day out, should contain meaning. add value to the world around you. fulfill your heart. Give purpose. Change lives and make you feel right.

That’s why I started each one of all the jobs I started with a bright heart and big hopes, trying to radiate so much positivity that the warnings of my colleagues would dissolve into fairy dust.

And that’s why I stuck out in each of these, for way longer than I wanted. I swallowed all my observations, took in all the minor and major injustices, and started planning my escape as soon as reality had caught up with me.

But each and every employer went from lovely fairytale to horrible deep-sea creature, slowly grabbing more and more of me and my life with it’s horrendous tentacles, trying to submerge me and consume all of my free time, wanting to own and govern, simply because we made a contract about an exchange of labor against money.

Many bosses actually live in the belief, that giving a person x amount of money a month gives them a right to invade personal time and space by making more and more claims over my time and planning their employees working hours without consulting them and their personal commitments at all.

I can’t even count anymore how often I short dated learned that I was required to work on a day I had off or working extra hours the night prior or even the morning I came into work.

It brings a rollercoaster of emotions when I feel like I’m not the one in charge of my own life and energy. It causes a huge rage when I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. No matter if in financial terms or in terms of power and it’s abuse.

Each time, I moved on without telling my employer why I left, even though I played the scenario out in my had a dozen times.

I just got my stuff together and I was out of there. Because I said to myself, not here to change how people run their business. The fear of them being able to exert any kind of power over my even after the contract ran out held me back.

But I think this time I will. I don’t feel like any boss can harm me anymore.

I feel empowered and strong.


Because I found my purpose.

I found something I love and something I’m great at.

I found people who love the way I teach and come back to my classes.

I found that all I have to give, when It’s pure and all me, actually holds a great lot of value.

I started a business. I started to radiate my truth into the cosmos.

Because I came to this world to be who I am and to offer my gifts.

And even though, as I’m writing this, I’m still employed at a part-time job with incredibly invasive bosses, I can breathe freely, and it doesn’t feel like I’m being pulled into the deep.

I know that more sooner than later, I will leave there because I don’t need that job and their money anymore.

And I will sit down with them and tell them Kindly that I will leave them the next month.

And I will tell them that the way they were treating me as an employee gave me so much urgency to change my situation that the momentum propelled me into being a full-time Yoga teacher and life coach.

And I will smile with ease and leave with no drama.

And I will go have a coffee with an inspiring person and I will go home and tend to my business and help transforming the world with this gift of mine in this wonderful, global awakening.

The reason I’m telling you all this is, I want you to know that you can do this, too.

You have something  unique within you. Maybe the people around you always treated you like it was  a weakness or disability that prevents you from fitting in.

But that very thing is the key- what makes you stand out is what you can transform into your superpower.

Stay tuned for coming posts about how to do this, workbooks and intensives that help you find that direction.

Much, much love,




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