„There’s got to be more to life than 20 days of vacation a year!“

Sounds familiar?

I know, you dreamed of more than literally spending the majority of your living days in an office under fluorescent light, doing something that dries up your soul.

In the Biz Warrior Tribe, we:

believe that fulfillment is possible

  • take leaps of faith
  • trust in our natural abilities
  • go with the flow
  • and make our dreams come true.

You on board with that?

Perfect. Because I have everything you need on your journey lined up & ready for you.

We all start somewhere.

The first step to build the soul-fueled business of your dreams is
to learn what YOU excel at with ease.
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Linda Elise Dragnes
Linda Elise Dragnes

Louella is an incredibly talented natural coach. She was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout the time we worked together. She effectively identified my mindset blocks and strengths and helped me to establish the confidence and clarity needed to proceed in creating my online coaching business. Her health focus and Aryuvedic approach helped me move trough the process of quitting smoking and rejuvenate my health smoothly. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided has helped me to understand how I will grow, not only in my business but also as a person.

- Linda Elise Dragnes

Nadine Rupietta
Nadine RupiettaCEO of fashion label Rehnadel

Every second I invested in working with Louella was incredibly valuable. She gave me calm and empowered me to work on my most challenging blockages. She turned my unorganized and messy pile of thoughts and ideas into easy, follow-through action steps, which gave me a great feeling of security and clarity. Her holistic approach of combining business coaching with nutritional adjustments and a gentle Yoga routine has been a game changer in my physical wellbeing - by simply switching a few things in my diet and doing a gentle, daily workout, I gained a great deal of energy that I could use to work on my business. My social media appearances have gone through a remarkable growth - I had not thought it to be possible to achieve so much within just four weeks.  I feel fit, healthy and more balanced than before - and the new energy and confidence that is at my disposal can now be channelled into my endavors as a CEO, mom and wife. I no longer feel like I need eight arms to keep up with my lifestyle. Nobody could have helped me better.

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