You arrived at my sacred little spot on the Internet. Throughout all my life, I felt this enormous calling to help others to step into the next level of being, understanding and thriving for what is really important. The Thriving Business Warriors are a tribe of women who know deep down in their gut that they were meant for bigger things than office work and profit margins of big corporations – If you know you came here into this world on a mission, girl, you’ve come to the right place. I work with women who feel the pull, who know they have a mission, who are ready to realize their purpose and to put in the work to create a life that fits their needs, so that they can fulfill the work they are called to do and while doing so, living life to the fullest – I’m talking bubble baths on Monday mornings, spontaneous trips and more time with your loved ones. If you are ready to step into the most empowered woman you can be, book your free discovery session now! Much Love,

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„ Every second I invested in working with Louella was incredibly valuable. She gave me calm and empowered me to work on my most challenging blockages. She turned my unorganized and messy pile of thoughts and ideas into easy, follow-through action steps, which gave me a great feeling of security and clarity. Her holistic approach of combining business coaching with nutritional adjustments and a gentle Yoga routine has been a game changer in my physical wellbeing – by simply switching a few things in my diet and doing a gentle, daily workout, I gained a great deal of energy that I could use to work on my business. My social media appearances have gone through a remarkable growth – I had not thought it to be possible to achieve so much within just four weeks.  I feel fit, healthy and more balanced than before – and the new energy and confidence that is at my disposal can now be channelled into my endavors as a CEO, mom and wife. I no longer feel like I need eight arms to keep up with my lifestyle. Nobody could have helped me better.“

Nadine Rupietta,

CEO of fashion label Rehnadel


How to make Your Period Work for You

  If you are anything like me, you feel your reproductive cycle affecting your biz BIG time. From hangover-like fatigue over grumpy days, to PMS from hell and days on the couch in agony – I’ve seen it all. The biggest problem is not your cycle, sister, but you IGNORING it. For the most women, …


The PMS Smoothie

  Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like doing NOTHING? Everything seems to be a drag & you just want everybody to leave you alone? It happens to everyone. 99.9% of the time, this is caused by our hormones – or more likely, a lack of them You see, whenever we …


3 Ingredient DIY Alkaline Water

If you’ve been anywhere around the Internet in 2018, you probably saw many people drinking alkaline water – which is available to purchase and sometimes, very pricey.   Why drink alkaline water? The Idea is, that alkalizing the body reduces inflammation and oxidation – and makes your cells less vulnerable to free radicals – which …

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